Moving is no picnic, and it gets even more complicated when you’re living in the home you’re trying to sell. But fear not, because we’re here to offer you a lifeline of sanity-saving tips to navigate this tricky situation. Today we’re diving into the secrets that’ll make showing your lived-in house a breeze. Brace yourself for some game-changing hacks!

1. Enlist Allies in the Cleanliness Crusade

Keeping your home show-ready clean while living in it is like juggling plates. The solution? Call in reinforcements! Bribe your kids if you must, and don’t hesitate to incentivize your partner too. Show-ready clean means going above and beyond your typical cleaning routine. Imagine your house is about to be visited by the most discerning guest ever, and that’s the level of clean we’re talking about.


2. Maneuvering Pets for Maximum Appeal

Fur babies are precious, but not all potential buyers see it that way. Some might even have legitimate concerns or fears. Have a plan for your pets during showings. Whether it’s sending them on a vacation to grandma’s, booking a spot at doggy daycare, or temporarily relocating them, make sure your home is pet-free when buyers visit. A house that smells or looks like a pet haven can be a deal-breaker.


3. The Pre-Showing Checklist Savior

A pre-showing checklist is your guiding star. It’s like a last-minute to-do list to guarantee your home looks its best. Secure medications, tidy up surfaces, set up pleasant fragrances, and ensure your home is awash with natural light by opening blinds and turning on lights.


4. The “Go Bag” Strategy

Prepare a “go bag” containing personal items like laptops, tablets, and important mail. This bag becomes your sidekick whenever a showing is scheduled. For an extra level of organization, consider using laundry baskets to quickly gather clutter before you head out. It’s a genius strategy to keep things looking neat on short notice.


5. Timing is Everything

Communication with your realtor is key. Make sure showings are requested with ample notice. You don’t want to be caught off guard, racing around to make your house presentable in just 15 minutes. Setting a minimum notice time will save you from unnecessary stress.


6. Pre-Pack the Non-Essentials

Embrace the fact that you’re moving and start pre-packing non-essential items. This clears space and reduces clutter, making your home more appealing to potential buyers. Keep these boxes organized in the garage or an extra room, ensuring they don’t obscure the space but still giving buyers an idea of your home’s storage potential.


7. Safeguarding Your Valuables

During showings, secure your valuables—like jewelry, collectibles, firearms, and medications. Either lock them away in a safe or store them off-site to prevent any mishaps or losses.


8. Embrace Feedback and Change

Feedback is a gift, even if it’s not always easy to swallow. Be open to what buyers and their agents have to say. Their insights can guide you in making changes that enhance your home’s appeal. Remember, it’s about the property, not your personal preferences.

Selling your home while living in it isn’t a piece of cake, but with these savvy hacks, you’ll master the art of maintaining its charm. By enlisting help, staying organized, and embracing feedback, you’ll be well on your way to a successful sale without losing your sanity along the way. So go ahead, tackle those showings like a pro and keep your eyes on the prize—a stress-free move to your new dream home.

Showing Your house While Living In It - Moving hacks that will save your sanity!
Showing Your house While Living In It - Moving hacks that will save your sanity!
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