Plano, TX is located just 20 miles from downtown Dallas. This growing Texas city is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Plano has a population of 269,776 making it the 69th largest city in the United States. The city is one of the safest places to live and crime levels are lower than many cities in the nation.

Plano Texas Schools

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Education is a big deal in Plano, TX and you will find 70 public schools in the area. Most residents of the city attend the Plano Independent School District. There are also 16 private schools in the city, many of which are religiously based. The Plano Independent School District is one of the best in the state and also in the nation.

The school system in Plano had a graduation rate of 93% in the year 2010. Plano also has two college campus locations for the Collin College system. This city is also home to 6 libraries which helps students to succeed in school. If you have a family, Plano is a great place to raise kids. It is also a great place to attend college.

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Parks and Recreation

When it comes to outdoor activities, you will find plenty of opportunities to get outside in Plano. This city has dozens of parks in the area for resident and visitors to enjoy. Some of the more popular parks in Plano include Lone Star Park, Big Lake Park, Caddo Park, and Arrowhead Park. Each of the parks in the district has something different to offer. Most parks will have BBQ grills, picnic tables, hiking trails, playgrounds, basketball courts, and tennis courts. Plano also has several recreation centers that will help keep you fit and happy.

relaxing by the poolOak Point Recreation Center is a favorite among locals and it has a very beautiful pool. The Liberty Recreation Center has a full indoor basketball court and an expanded fitness area. There are several public pools in the city and one of the most visited is the Jack Carter Pool. The Plano Aquatic Center is a great place to learn how to swim and they have an indoor pool that can be used year round. Each recreation center gives people of all ages something to do with their time.

Plano Texas Festivals

market fairs and festivalsThere are many seasonal festivals that happen in Plano. These festivals are super fun and they help to bring the community together. The ‘Neath the Wreath Christmas Market is one event that the entire city looks forward to each year. Here you will find amazing Christmas decor and gifts. The city also throws a very large 4th of July celebration and they have some of the best firework shows in the state. A yearly spooky event that happens in October is called the Apparition Expedition. This event will take you down memory lane and you will learn about the cities haunted past. During this event, you will get to tour historic places and you might even get to see a ghost! There are many other smaller festivals and events that occur in Plano and they are all worth checking out. This is a vibrant city with plenty to do.

Household Income

Plano has a booming economy and the job market in the area is very good. Many large national companies are headquartered in Plano. Some of the companies that call this fine city home include Pizza Hut, FedEx Office, Crossmark, At Home, Beal Bank and many more. There are also hundreds of smaller business in the area that help keep the booming economy going. The average salary in Plano is just over $61,000.

Plano Texas Weather

Plano, TX has very pleasant weather most of the year. The yearly average low in Plano is 56 degrees and the yearly average high is 77 degrees. The city sees on average about 44 inches of rain per year. Heavy snow is rare in Plano, but the city sometimes gets a light dusting of snow during the winter months. Having comfortable weather most of the year makes this city a great place to live. Outdoor activities are common in Plano all year long.

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