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Are you hesitant to sell your home because you fear you won’t be able to find a new one in time? You’re not alone. The thought of selling your current home without having secured a new place to live can be incredibly stressful, and it’s a situation that can easily keep you up at night.

Selling a home while simultaneously looking for a new one can be complex. The timing of these transactions is crucial, and if they don’t align perfectly, it can lead to logistical headaches. Whether your concern is about where you’ll live next or how to avoid settling for a home that isn’t quite right, there are strategies to ease these worries.


Rent a Home

Finding a temporary home to rent can be a great way to buy yourself more time to search for your ideal house. Renting allows you to avoid the pressure of having to settle on a new home just because you’re in a rush.


Month-to-Month Rentals


Look for apartments or homes that offer month-to-month leases. This flexible arrangement means you’re not locked into a long-term contract and can move out as soon as you find your perfect home.


Short-Term Rentals or Airbnb


Short-term rental solutions, like Airbnb, can provide you with the temporary housing you need. This option can be particularly useful if you need just a few weeks or months to finalize your new home purchase.


Expand Your Search Area


Expanding your preferred search area can increase the number of homes available to you. This broader selection might help you find a suitable home more quickly, reducing the time you need temporary housing.


Leaseback Option


With a leaseback, you sell your home but then rent it back from the new owner for a period. This can be an excellent option if the buyers aren’t in a hurry to move in, allowing you to stay in your home while you continue your search.


Extend the Escrow


Ask the buyer to extend their escrow period. By pushing back the closing date, you gain extra time to find and close your new home without feeling rushed.


Unlisted or Off-Market Properties


Consider looking into unlisted or off-market properties. Working with an agent who is familiar with these types of deals can give you access to homes that aren’t on the public market, potentially finding a hidden gem.

Navigating the sale of your current home while searching for a new one doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By exploring these options and working closely with a trusted real estate advisor, you can transition smoothly to your next chapter.


Remember, each situation is unique, and there’s a solution tailored to your specific needs and timeline. Don’t hesitate to reach out for guidance and support during this process.

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